Day 216- Thankful for cheerful colors

I’ve been mostly staying at home lately because we have to be super careful not to get sick with you-know-what before we take our son back to college. So, I’ve finally learned how to use Walmart pickup, even though I haven’t been shopping at Walmart that often for some time. It’s kind of nice to order from home then just drive there and not have to be in a crowded place.

When I drove into my pickup parking place, I found myself parked next to the cutest little red car with cheerful custom painting on one side.

No one was in it, but just before I left, the driver of the car came out, and I told her how much I loved her car’s paint job! She said that it is not actually permanent paint but the removable kind that you use on windows, and she just touches it up when needed. Isn’t it cute?!

A couple of minutes later, on my way home, I drove by the coolest antique car with a beautiful color of purple on top (that isn’t quite the same in the photo, but close) and shiny black on the bottom. I didn’t get the best photo because I was at a red light and there wasn’t enough time, but check it out! It was a beautiful car!


I personally drive a car for it’s usefulness, and if it’s beautiful, that’s the gravy on the mashed potatoes. But you know, with all the troubles of the last few months, it was such a breath of fresh air to see these two beautifully-colored cars, one within a couple of minutes after seeing the other!

I do love cheerful colors!Β  Interspersing them here and there among the regular colors is like adding a little spice to our food, like a delicious dessert after a meal, like unexpectedly receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers, like speaking words of cheer, like cheering someone up with acts of kindness.

I’m so glad God gave us these things to enjoy, aren’t you?

Today I’m thankful for bright cheerful colors!

I’m thankful that I got to see these two beautiful cars!

I’m also thankful for other things that can cheer us up like beautiful flowers, delicious food and dessert, and words and deeds of kindness.

What about you? Have you seen any thing particularly beautiful recently? Have you tried to cheer someone up or had someone try to cheer you up recently? How did it make you feel?


30 thoughts on “Day 216- Thankful for cheerful colors

  1. Aw that’s nice.
    Today, coming home from church, we had a quick down pour of rain while the sun was shining, and before too long, a nice big rainbow popped out! It was so bright, cheerful, and lovely.

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  2. I just got back from a trip to the beach where we met our daughter and her family. Seeing five of our grandchildren and getting to spend time with them definitely cheered me up. I like to send cards spontaneously to people whom the Lord brings to my mind. That makes me feel good. And I like to pass on books to a friend who loves to read just like I do.

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  3. Absolutely! I am grateful for bright colors especially orange which speaks really well to me. I am particularly grateful for the beautiful sky. I believe it’s God’s canvas and He paints the clouds as He wills. There’s always a new artwork everyday in the sky. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

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  4. Ahhhh thanks for share Ruth!!…yesterday I thought the same thing β€œthankful for bright colors” when my youngest daughter came out of her room dressed for church with a beautiful floral colored shirt! Just felt happy and bubbly!❀️

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  5. Ruth-I love that you noticed this! Being thankful for things like this is so important right now. Maybe it’s easier right now since God is slowing us down a bit. Isn’t it wonderful that he created us to be able to see color? He has used animals to cheer my heart lately. I am so delighted when my animals are happy. We recently had five new baby bunnies and it brings me joy to hold them and watch them grow. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Amy! It was hard to miss! God totally guided my path to cross with theirs. No coincidence, especially with two in a row! 😊
      Yes, praise God that He is a God of color and has made us in His image! Won’t the rainbows of His throne room be amazing!!
      Aww, what kind and colors of baby rabbits do you have? Praise God for all the joy opportunities He gives us!


  6. Love those photos, Ruth. Those pops of colour are refreshing! Yes, I have had someone try to cheer me up recently. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone cares and will go out of there way to do something special to make you smile and laugh. So thankful for people like that. God has blessed me with a few of those gems. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness and those pops of colour. It’s helping me to adjust my focus this morning.

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  7. Thanks for posting the pictures of the cars. I especially liked the first one. I’m trying to decide if the purple car was a Buick orrr??? Maybe somebody can clear up the mystery.
    I saw the headlines about the storms in the Midwest, and wanted to ask–are you OK? Were you affected by that in any way?


  8. Awwww, what pretty cars! Purple is my favorite color so the second car really struck me. I prayed for you last night but remembered that I don’t know your name, I’m so glad God does and told him so but I just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you. ❀

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    1. Yes, it’s a beautiful car! We love purple at our house, too! My actual favorite color is burgundy, so I enjoy other colors in that spectrum, too, both reds and purples.
      Thank you so much for your prayers, Vivian! I’m Ruth. Yes, isn’t it wonderful that He knows us by name?!


      1. Oh Ruth! So glad to know your name! I just read the story of Ruth to my youngest in the bible book for kid’s we have. Such a great name! God bless you always!πŸ€—β€


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