Day 217- Thankful for God’s gift of a safe journey

Today my husband, our daughter, and I arrived safely home after a long trip to drop off our son at college.

I have started numerous posts, so many, in fact, that I feel overwhelmed with the effort to decide which one to finish and post. So I’m not going to do that till later.

Today I’m thankful for answered prayer for our journey.

I’m thankful that there were no accidents on our way home and no heavy traffic.

I’m thankful that we got to see some beautiful scenery.

I’m thankful for the beautiful weather and that our basement did not flood while we were gone.

I’m thankful for the family that loved on our dog while we were traveling.

I’m thankful that our son is able to start his second year at college and that he was happy to reconnect with friends he made last year.

I’m thankful that he has grown and matured and is able to go down the path that God has been preparing for him.

How about you?  What are you thankful for today?

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18 thoughts on “Day 217- Thankful for God’s gift of a safe journey

  1. I’m so glad you had a very safe trip there and back. Today I’m thankful for a ginormous two part move for my Aunt being completed well. I’m thankful the items (from one of the moves) she received in the Memory Care facility gave her joy. I’m thankful she ate a few bites today. I’m thankful her daughter lives close and is willing to drop off things she needs fairly quickly. I’m thankful that while we don’t think a lot alike, we work well together; our strengths and weaknesses complement each other, and we are okay with that. Finally, I’m thankful the day is over and I’m headed for a shower and an early bedtime tonight!

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  2. Unfortunately I am reading this too early in the morning to come up with a good list of things that I am thankful for, but I am thankful that God leads, comforts, reminds and reveals, especially when I am struggling and the world feels a bit off it’s axis. I’m thankful that I know it’s in His hands and so am I. Thank you for being thankful, Ruth and reminding us that there is so much to be thankful for. ❤


    1. Amen, Tina, those are all great things for which to be thankful!
      Aww, no problem. God set me on this path, and I’m sure He knew ahead of time that we would need these reminders. Praise God that He thinks of us and cares and provides, often even before we perceive the need!

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