Day 218- Thankful for improvements

Today my daughter and I got up and went bike riding while it was still cool outside. We haven’t been riding very much for quite some time. Her physical therapist told her to start at 10 minutes because 20 minutes was too much for her last time we tried it.

I noticed, for myself, that I’m stronger than I was when I rode bikes last year. It’s funny, because I look in the mirror and I’m obviously not getting any younger, so having more energy and being stronger is definitely a good thing!

Later in the day I was reminded that my daughter is doing better on the new medicine that her doctor has started her on than on her old meds.

We also drove to the school and picked up my daughter’s curriculum for her new year of homeschooling. She has done a great job of catching up over the summer. It’s rough for kids who have a lot of pain and doctor’s visits to keep up with school work, so it’s good that she’s pretty much caught up now. She actually has less than a school year’s work to do in order to graduate!

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves when we have not yet achieved our goals. I think it’s good for us to recognize and be thankful for improvement.

Today I’m thankful that I’m stronger than I was last year.

I’m thankful that my daughter is feeling better and that her new meds are working for her.

And I’m thankful that she is doing well in school.

I’m also thankful for bikes to ride, freedom to ride them, a car to drive, chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals who have helped us along the way.

How about you? Is there something that you are better at this year than you were last year? Are you thankful for any improvements in your health or the health of someone you love? Is there anything that you’ve caught up with over the summer?

Photo credit: Max Libertine on Unsplash


19 thoughts on “Day 218- Thankful for improvements

  1. That’s great!
    My health has done a 360 in the past year! It’s been amazing. My health is now so much better. I have a daily exercise time that I actually enjoy. Even though I can’t have most foods that exist, it’s still worth it because I feel so good.

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    1. Praise God, Lydia, that you’re doing so much better! I’m so glad you’ve been able to pinpoint all the foods you have to avoid. I know it’s really hard, but you’re right; it is really worth it to finally feel well again! Keep up the good work!
      Btw, have you talked over your dietary needs with the college you’ll be attending?

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      1. Yes ma’am. ❤ 🙂 And yes again… looks like everything will be fine in college!!! They already have a separate "line" of food for gluten free and dairy free people, so it'll be pretty easy.

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  2. I am just reading a lot and enjoying talking more to my husband. This forced quarantine has been pretty terrible as far as getting out, but it has made me appreciate what I have. Like my bird feeders that my husband put outside the window where I sit. I get to see blue birds, cardinals, finches and hummingbirds all day. God is good, and I love that my husband shows so much love for me in this way.

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