Day 220- Thankful for my phone

When I was a child, we had one phone for our entire family of six. It was attached to the wall of the kitchen and was used only for making and receiving calls. My parents had that same phone number for decades. They still had it less than 2 years ago when they reached a point of not being able to take care of themselves anymore and went to live with my sister.

As adults in a no-cell-phone era, if we needed to call someone when we were out, we had to find a pay phone. That wasn’t so difficult as long as one was near a town or gas station. There were times where we could have had problems and no phone, but personally, I just trusted God to take care of us.

My first cell phone was similar to a regular wall phone, except it was mobile. If there was texting available, I didn’t know about it.

A couple phones after that, one of my older daughters was preparing to go to the hospital to have her first child. She told me that the only way she wanted me to contact her while she was in the hospital was via texting. Talk about forcing my hand! (though that may not have been her intention 😀 ) Those were the days where the letters were on the same keyboard as the numbers, and depending on which letter you wanted to use, you might have to touch the same key two or three times to get it. Needless to say, that was not a favorite pass time for me.

When I started having to wear reading glasses, I was convinced that I didn’t want one of those newfangled cell phones that accessed the internet because I thought I wouldn’t be able to see things well on such a small screen. But my old phone decided it was no longer going to cooperate; it would no longer charge the battery AT ALL. So it was time for a new phone.

Surprise, surprise! When we went to get a new phone, newfangled cell phones that accessed the internet were the only phones available! Ha ha!! Once again, my hand was forced. Fortunately, we had a very nice and helpful salesman, and he made the change much easier. He showed me how much easier it was to swipe to text; wow! What an improvement! And eventually I learned how to do voice to text. Wow! I no longer hate texting.

These last few years, I actually learned how to write blog posts on my phone. I’ve stayed up late many a night in the basement finishing up a blog post, using photos from my phone camera, which may not be professional, but is quite good, compared to the older digital cameras that first came out.

Why am I thinking about my phone today? I misplaced it not once, but twice, this morning when I was waiting for a call from the company that is supposed to fix our gutter. And both times, I missed the call.

This is not the first time, of course, that I’ve misplaced my phone. I’ve done it enough times that I’m starting to feel proficient about using the google “where’s my phone” feature! LOL

That reminds me that sometimes we misplace our priorities.  It is possible to reach for our phone first instead of spending time with God and “calling” Him for help.  May we become as proficient about finding our misplaced priorities again in God’s word as we are at asking google or other search engines for help.

Anyway, today I’m thankful for my phone.

I’m thankful for the pushes God used to make me willing to change and keep up with the times.

I’m thankful for the helpful salesman that helped me make the transition.

I’m thankful that I was wrong about not being able to see things on my small screen.

I’m thankful for swipe texting and voice to text.

I’m thankful for the camera on my phone.

I’m thankful that I can write for God using my phone and hopefully be an encouragement to others, those I’ve met and those I have not met.

What about you? What kind of phone do you have? Have you been eager or hesitant about changing to a new phone? How do you use your phone to bring glory to God?



12 thoughts on “Day 220- Thankful for my phone

  1. Amazing! I am a gen-zer so I don’t know what it’s like to use phone attached to walls. Although, I think that’s cool. Lol. But I am grateful for being able to be born in a time when I can enjoy a cellphone with great internet service. I also use my phone to blog as well and take cloud photos. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thanks, Temi! 😁 Hehe, one nice thing about having a phone on the wall is that I you can’t lose it. LOL😂😂 Oh well! 😁
      Yes, the Lord has blessed us with mobile phones and their capabilities from accessing our blogs and taking photos. You’re right about that! You just gave me an idea; maybe I should do a blog post on clouds…🤔😊

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    1. 😂😂 Brenda, we finally stopped paying for a home phone, in addition to our cell phones, a year or so ago, maybe a little longer than that. It’s still hanging on the wall, and on a rare occasion I still go and pick it up make a call that I always used that phone for, LOL. Habits die hard. I had to take the cord off to remind me that it’s no longer usable.
      Yes, my son is more likely to respond to a quick text when he’s busy with classes, work, and homework. It’s good to be able to keep in touch, even if it’s just in little snippets.

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  2. Oh how I remember those pay phone days and the wall phone! We went to cell phones ages ago when my husband insisted. I went kicking and screaming 😂 I’m so glad I did though! It has been a tool for the good for me! Anytime I am curious, I google. A scripture, a phone number, address or business hours of a business. A to spell a word. Yes, a wealth of information at my fingertips! I do most my blogging from my phone. Love it! 💜


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