Day 224- Thankful for mats and rugs

My blogging friend, Diana, at Gratitude is an attitude asked me at the beginning of the year if I minded if she would start doing a thankfulness series similar to mine. I didn’t mind at all, so she started a 366 days of thanks, since this is a leap year.

The other day she posted that she is thankful for mats, which got me thinking.

Mats and rugs – who thinks about being thankful for them, except maybe when they are new and unused? They get dirty quickly. All it takes is a rainy day and they start to collect dirt, pebbles, sand, pieces of dead leaves, and if you have a dog that sheds, dog hair. 🙂

Mats so easily become that object that “has to” be swept. Rugs so quickly become that thing that “has to” be shaken and occasionally washed. We so quickly forget that were it not for the mat or the rug, all that dirt would be in the house instead.

I wonder if we wouldn’t do well to have mental door mats to keep things out of our minds?  It would be so much easier to chase it away before it gets in the door than to have to sweep it or scrub it out later, wouldn’t it?

The Apostle Paul gave us this example of how to do this: 

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”  2 Corinthians 10:5

So, a thought comes to us, and we are to immediately check in with Christ to find out if this is dirt that should be wiped off at the door, or whether this is pleasing to God, a gift that is worthy of being brought into the house.

It takes practice, and I am far from perfect at it, but it is a goal worth pursuing.

So, along with my sister, Diana, I am thankful today for mats. 

I’m thankful that she joined me on this journey of thanks. 

I’m thankful for rugs, as well. 

And I’m thankful that we have a Savior who cares enough about us that He is willing to help us wipe the “feet” of our minds to keep out dirt, sand, leaves and messes of all kinds and keep our minds and hearts functioning in praise and the pursuit of loving God and loving others.

What about you?  Are you thankful for mats and rugs?  Do you forget to be thankful for these useful items after they stop being new?  Have you ever thought about checking your thoughts at the door and leaving them outside in the safekeeping of the Savior who can shake them out and send them on their way?



27 thoughts on “Day 224- Thankful for mats and rugs

  1. Thank you for this good reminder! Just last week, my daughter and I were talking about how such a little thing like a mat makes a big difference! And it is the same with our minds and our hearts. May I allow Him to help me guard my mind as well. Blessings!

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  2. As a male, who admits he doesn’t always pay attention to his dirty feet when coming into the house, I can testify to the contribution doormats make to marital harmony. The concept that spiritual doormats can do the same for harmony with God is most intriguing. By the way, I found your blog through Precious One—Deandra. Blessings.

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  3. Goodness, what a great analogy. I sit her thinking about all the rugs I have in our little rv.
    Been thinking about what kind of rugs I will need to keep dirt contained so it will not go farther into our little cabin our daughter and husband are building for us. There will be wood floors in the kitchen and living room which is where I will need those rugs. We live in northern Mn. where it is cold and snowy for months of the year. Right now there is mud everywhere due to the sewer being dug and the gas lines and the water lines to the little place. Lots of mud. Our SUV has lots of mud too and just tonight I was thinking right before I read your post of getting small rugs to put in floor boards, easy to shake the dirt out. Rugs do make life easier. Great post.


  4. Wonderful thoughts, Ruth! I’m very thankful for mats and rugs! They keep the sand out of our home. We have sandy spots in our front yard, in spite of trying to grow grass there. The point that stuck out with me is leaving things at the door.

    I think of my cat, Grace, who loves to leave unwanted gifts at the door. Her latest has been locusts. And that is how we should be, leave unwanted things like negativity at the door and much much more!💜


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