Day 227- Thankful for trash pickup

The warm temperatures of summer time have a way of growing bacteria faster, and hence, precipitating the onset of unpleasant smells. A prime example of where this may happen is the kitchen garbage can. If I don’t empty the trash quickly after that smell starts, the smell has a way of odorizing the entire kitchen, and eventually wafting to other rooms, as well. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to the smell of garbage or walking in the door from outside to that same smell.

The solution, of course, is to take out the trash. Put the trash in the outdoor container with the lid closed, and on trash day surrender it to the sanitation engineers to take it away and dispose of it properly.

That is something we are very glad to do.

Of course I’m reminded of how our stinky attitudes can build up during (or after) a heated debate and waft out into the social environment around us. We don’t have to have an all-out emotional explosion for that to happen. Our stinky attitudes are perceivable by others the moment we walk into (or march out of) the room.

So, shouldn’t we be just as willing to take out the stinky trash-attitudes and surrender them to the One who shed His lifeblood to cleanse us from every sin? Why keep that stench around to make life less than beautiful for ourselves and others when we can bring it to Jesus and ask for forgiveness? He will gladly take it away, and He would know best how to dispose of it forever!

So, let’s begin a new day, surrendering our stinky attitudes to Jesus, and let’s not go digging back through the trash to retrieve them. If we will let Him take them away, life on this earth will be so much better.

It’s time for a little talk with Jesus, don’t you think?

Today I’m thankful for trash pickup.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to keep stinky things smelling up the house.

I am also thankful that Jesus shed His blood so my stinky attitudes can be cleansed and taken away.

What about you? Do you have trash pickup where you live? Are you thankful for that service? Why do you suppose we have such a hard time letting go of our own stinky attitudes? Aren’t you glad that Jesus died so we can be forgiven and cleansed?



18 thoughts on “Day 227- Thankful for trash pickup

  1. So thankful for our weekly trash pick up! We once stayed in NC in a family’s home for a month while they were gone. They had a long list for how to handle trash because of bears! Not wanting to deal with that we froze food to be trashed and stinky leftovers, and just kept regular trash In a bag in the panty. Every few days we would go to the trash dump (no trash pick up in these rural areas) and take our regular trash and grab that “stinky” food leftover bag from the freezer. While ingenious, I admit, I prefer our at home trash pick up! Texas boiling hot summers make me remember that time and wonder if we should create an alternate plan for the stinky stuff!

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    1. Yes!
      I’ve heard bears can be a problem at parks, but I hadn’t considered that they might be a problem at people’s homes! Wow. Yes, I know someone who used to put the stinky stuff in the freezer. I had forgotten about that. The trick is to be organized and not get the frozen trash mixed up with the legit frozen food! 😁 lol

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  2. I appreciate the reminder not to ‘dig through the emotional trash’ left over from disagreements and misunderstandings. These days, it feels like everyone (including me) is on edge—just waiting to go off. It’s helpful to remember that we don’t have to let the trash (or the stink) build up. Jesus died to take away my trash, so the least I can do is forgive others for theirs. Like the little boy said when he tried to recite the Lord’s Prayer, “Lord, forgive us our trash baskets, as we forgive others their trash baskets.” Blessings.

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