Day 238- Thankful to feast on Hope

You’re invited to a feast along with millions of others. you have a choice of going there or cooking at home.

You ask, “What’s on the menu?” The answer: hot dogs and cotton candy (basically sugar filled with air).

You know that if you eat the hot dogs and cotton candy you will be sick, but you don’t feel like cooking your own meal.

Do you put in the effort and cook so that you will be well? Or do you go to the feast with millions, eat junk, and end up sick?

These last few months there have been too many people with too much time on their hands, day after day, week after week, month after month.  Many have accepted the invitation to partake virtually of mental junk food feasts of conspiracy theories, sensationalism, twisting of the truth, and downright lies. Those who participate are sick with fear, anxiety, confusion, even panic. These are not producing Wellness but Sickness in their psyche. Perhaps we have all partaken of this junk food during this time at least a little bit.

But God calls us to a better feast, a feast of substantiality, a feast of Hope, peace, Clarity, and tranquility.  It takes a little more effort to sit with Him, to spend time in prayer and the reading of His Word, but this amazing feast is one of truth, which brings us to mental and spiritual health as we dine willingly with Him.

Today I’m thankful that we can feast on hope!

I’m thankful that God’s truth will win in the end.

I’m thankful that He loves us all, both the healthy and the sick, the faithful or the fearful.

I’m thankful for the tranquility and clarity that we can have when we focus on Him and His words of truth.

What about you?  What has your mind and spirit been feasting on, the junk food of the world leading to chaos and fear, or the healthy food of God’s word leading to hope and peace?

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6 thoughts on “Day 238- Thankful to feast on Hope

  1. Time, like money is neither good nor evil, it’s what people choose to do with it. I’ve heard that heavy drinking is up since the lockdowns and closings, as have depression, domestic abuse, and suicide. Clearly, not everyone has made good use of all the surplus time. I think of those who have said that they know they should pray and read the Bible more, but they just didn’t have the time…
    (This has been a test – did you pass? 😉 )


  2. I have been partaking from a dangerous buffet line of both good and bad information and influence. Thank you for the wake up call. No more junk food for me! It’s time to stick with the B-I-B-L-E. I hope you’re having a blessed weekend.

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  3. Such a great analogy Ruth. Yes, thar junk food really doesn’t do so much for our peace, hope and all that we truly need. It doesn’t taste too good either. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to stick with God’s buffet.

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  4. Oh boy I’m guilty of wasting time browsing online shopping, reading disappointing news, etc…once I pay attention and realize that I’m spending time in the muck I’m always frustrated with myself. So why do I go back every now and again? It’s like a bad diet or a recipe for disaster….great post Ruth, so important to be aware and be sure to fill our hearts and minds with hope in Him!! I have a choice!!!


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