Day 240- Thankful for those who rejoice in trials

Sunday dawned a beautiful Autumn morning. My husband got up early and left to run the sound system at both church services. I followed alone in my own car for the second service. (Our teen daughter was not feeling well, so I felt it better to leave her at home.)

Our songs for the morning were great praises for our Lord who is worthy to be praised. When I saw how thankful and excited a young, physically challenged sister was about praising God, it really touched my heart. I got her permission to post a photo of her that I took from behind.

This young lady has had lots of physical challenges all her life, and she was full of joy!

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have felt sorry for myself for going through a lot smaller problems than she has faced. I confess to the Lord that this self focus and lack of thanksgiving grieves His Spirit, and this has been the day to repent and get back on track.

After the song service was over, a servant of God, who ministers with a group that does revivals, preached. He was already preaching a great message when he informed us that his mom just went to heaven the day before, and he had to decide whether to cancel coming here or not. He said his mom would have wanted him to come and preach. So he did, and the Lord used him in our lives, as he was living proof of the power of God in our lives when we walk in praise, love, and obedience to our amazing Lord.

Some of you have prayed for me recently, and I want you to know that the Lord used these two people today to answer your prayers! Thank you so much! I’ve had a song in my heart a good part of the day today!

Today I’m thankful for the joy that comes from praising God!

I’m thankful for these good examples of people who continue to walk in praise and obedience to God even in the face of great difficulty.

I’m thankful for your prayers and that the Lord used these people to answer some of your prayers for me.

What about you? Do you ever have times when you lose focus and forget how much you have to be thankful for? Can you think of anyone who has been such a great testimony to you, standing firm in praise and thanksgiving even in great trials? Do you ever catch yourself having a song of praise going through your mind on repeat? How has the Lord answered someone’s prayer for you recently?


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