You’re in my hair

Amanda artfully describes how her daughter’s angry reaction to having her hair brushed exactly mirrored how Amanda had been feeling towards God and the lesson it taught her.
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As A Tree

Today began as any other day does. Me, barely dragging through the day with no motivation and my oldest daughter screaming at me because I was brushing her hair. Although, in every other way, she is the golden child who obeys and helps me immensely, her one downfall is having her hair brushed. It is a fight every single day. One where I’m trying to get knots out and she is screaming so loudly, I truly believe I am going to go deaf or the neighbors are going to call the cops on me…Over brushing hair as gently as humanly possible. We have bought special brushes, gave her my phone to play on while I brush it to distract her, use hair detangler, one day I dumped coconut oil in it to help, all to no avail. She still screams and has one sensitive scalp.

During today’s hair-brushing trial, She…

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4 thoughts on “You’re in my hair

  1. What a beautiful analogy. Sometimes God seems to not be present or be allowing us to hurt and we get angry and withdraw from Him. But His love is always constant. I recently returned from living with my son and his family for three months and it was a daily battle there, too, with the hair, only with two girls. My son soothingly told them,”If you just let me get this done, it will only take a few minutes and then it will be over.” Can’t you just hear God telling us to “just wait…He is taking care of it”?

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  2. Thank you for sharing. The analogy was perfect! I had to sit and reflect for a bit on my relationship with God. Even if we feel as if God’s not “answering us directly”, He’s there always, working behind the scenes.

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