Day 261- Thankful for peace

Some of you may be wondering how I could have a title like this when the grievous news of our fellow humans suffering the outrages of war seems to be ever before us. I also am saddened by this awful situation. Unfortunately, if I were to dwell long and hard on the war and on… Read More Day 261- Thankful for peace


Day 169- Thankful for Stories with a Lesson

The room was round, dark, and silent. Indistinguishable faces peered blankly into the darkness all around the huge, round conference table that almost completely filled the room. The few footlights at floor level cast a dim, eerie, lavender glow. Suddenly, a palpable presence entered the room, invisible yet real. To Ruth it felt like wonder,… Read More Day 169- Thankful for Stories with a Lesson