Dance of the Raindrops to the music of the Thunderstorm Orchestra

As I stood out in the rain
God made it plain
His love for beauty.

The nighttime around
And the beautiful sound
Of rain falling down.

(The thunder and lightening,
They are not frightening
With God in control.)

A bulb just overhead
Is serving to shed
Light on the scene which unfolds.

Dance of the raindrops
To the music of the thunderstorm orchestra.

The big drops rebound
When they fall down
On the wooden deck.

The light catches the eye
Of each drop bouncing by
In its musical ricochet.

And the line of percussion
Its rhythm is not hushing
As great drops fall rapidly from the roof.

And what beautiful formation now can be seen
As the mist-like dancers in fleeting purple and green
Dance first to the left, and then to the right
To God’s thunderstorm orchestra
On this rainy night.

To God be the Glory
July 3, 1992

I still remember this peaceful moment standing outside the back door at night during a storm.  The bare bulb of the outside light was shining on as many of the raindrops as it could reach.  In my mind’s eye I can still see the way the mist was blowing and being colored by the light.  It makes me imagine little fairy dancers or something.  Also, the house did not have gutters, so all the rain came directly off the roof all along the length of the house.

This memory reminds me that we, as God’s children, are safe in God’s arms no matter what kind of storms are swirling or thundering around us.  And He can help us find beauty and joy in the midst of the storm.

And He Himself will be our peace.  (Ephesians 2:14)

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