Worship with me #12

Hi there! Welcome to week twelve of “Worship with me”!

For those of you just joining us, this is a weekly prayer journey we’ve been taking on Tuesdays in which we approach God with thanks, praise, and adoration. I invite you to pray the following prayer with me with whatever heart-felt variations come to your mind. And if you feel comfortable doing so, please share your own praise and worship in the comment section so I can pray with you, too!

Dear Lord God,

I want to thank You for loving me. Thank You that You care about what happens to me, and You actually want me to come and talk with You about anything that is bothering me or dragging me down. Nothing is too unimportant to talk with You about, and nothing is too hard for You to fix.

Lord, I believe that You care for Your creation, and that You never do evil. The fact that evil still happens is because You are being patient with other people just like all the times You have been so patient with me.

Lord, I’m not very patient, and I admit that sometimes I don’t like it when You’re patient with certain people, but I realize that I’m being a hypocrite, since I fail to live right, too, and I certainly do want You to show me mercy. Like now, I need to ask You to forgive me of my impatience and hypocrisy. Please help me to stop stumbling in these and other areas. You are perfect, and Your love is perfect, and Your patience is perfect.

Father, I remember hearing a story about a mother hen who covered her chicks under her wings as a fire came through. She gave her life to save her little ones kind of like Jesus gave His life to save us.

Thank You so much that Your love for us is that strong as well and that You call Your children to You and cover all of them under Your wings who will run to You for protection. Help us to abide close to You and not wander far away so we can find You and run to You any time of the day or night.

Thank You, Lord, that when we are dwelling in You, no matter where we are, we are truly home. The deepest longings of our hearts are satisfied in You.


12 thoughts on “Worship with me #12

  1. Amen! Thank You, Lord, for being my Protector. Thank You for all the second chances that You’ve given me even when I backslide and promise to be better. Thank You for your kind mercy and patience; for loving me like no other can.

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  2. Thank you Lord for pulling me out of the deep mire and putting my feet on solid ground. Thank you that you love me, in spite of me and that you are willing to use me to minister to others. You are a great God and worthy of all praise.

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  3. Thank you Lord that you are so patient with me also! And I join with my sister and ask you to forgive me for the times I have not wanted to wait on You. You are so wise and loving, and I want to learn to praise You even more, from the midst of the hard places!

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    1. Yes, Lord, our hard places do not change You. You remain the same yesterday, today, and forever!
      Thank You, Lord, for my dear sisters who come here to pray with me from week to week. Please bless them with Your peace and grace and with the continued knowledge of You and awareness of Your presence with them.

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  4. All Glory and honor to you Oh King of Glory! The Lord God Almighty! Who was and is , and is to come! God you are so worthy! You love me even when I’m not truly obedient or just feel like doing what I feel like doing! Oh Lord have mercy on my soul and forgive me of such actions. Thank you for giving me victory over my enemies and thank you for continual provision in these economical times! All Praises to you always in Jesus Name I pray with thanksgiving Amen!

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    1. Yes and yes and yes, Lord! Amen to Tammy’s prayer!
      Thank you so much for loving us unconditionally! Thank you, Lord, for sending me friends from other places on this earth You have made with whom to praise You! Thank you for Tammy! Please continue to bless her, Lord.

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