Life’s Race

I try so hard and struggle
In this race of life for God
I pedal hard, get going fast,
As I travel down the road.

But then I turn a corner
And I lose a little steam,
Pedal harder once again
To do well for my team.

Even when the sun is shining,
And the wind is in my face,
Seems I have to make such effort
In life’s gratifying race.

Straining hard, not much ground gained,
Pedals turning round and round,
Traffic goes the other way,
But I am heaven bound.

The goal is not in sight yet
But my purpose is, indeed;
I travel ever onward
Helping those who are in need.

Desiring that I’ll give hope
To those who live with none,
Bringing good news of Jesus
Who is calling them to come.

So, even though it seems hard
And I strain along life’s road,
In the end the strain is worth it
When I’ve paid Him what I owed.

I owed Him love for His love
Though mine never could atone.
His love took Him to suffer
And there die for me alone.

So, on I race with good news
Of how He loved everyone;
He loves you, too, my dear friend,
And He invites you to come.

Believe He died for your sins
And wants to give you new life;
Hope waits for you through faith in Him
Love, peace, and joy so divine!



Photo credit MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash

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