Worship with me #40

To those of you who have been worshipping with me since the beginning of the year, thank you, and welcome again!

For those of you who have joined more recently, welcome, and I would like to invite you not only to read these prayers of worship, but also to pray them for yourself and to add any additional praises for God in the comments below!ย  โค

Here we go!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear Lord God,

Thank You for the festivities of the holidays that we are privileged to celebrate each year.

Thank You for the fun we can have and the fellowship with people we love!

Thank You that You are with us to help us and anchor us and protect us from those who are less-than-pleasant to us and to those we love, for whatever reason.ย  Please help them to be able to come to You and relax in Your love, to repent of sin that keeps them in bondage and makes it unpleasant for others who are trying to be joyful.

Thank You that You are able to do great things, beyond all that we could ever ask or even imagine!

Thank You that in the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, even though we say we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, but our hearts and minds are swirling with thoughts that are very distracted from that obscure stable so long ago, caught up instead in the activities around us and plans of our own making, that we often didn’t even think to ask You to guide us in, You are still the Prince of Peace.

No matter how many times we stray from keeping our focus on You, You remain the same!ย  You are ever Faithful, and You stay with us, ready to offer us the peace that we need as soon as we stop scurrying long enough to turn toward You and rest in Your Presence.

Savior, we rest in Your Presence right now, remembering Your humble birth, how You took on humanness, You who were from eternity past, that You might be Emmanuel, God with us, and that You might save us from our sins.

Thank You, Lord, that You live forever to make intercession for us, that even if we feel isolated and think that nobody cares, we can know that You care, and that You are praying for us!

Lord, we are so glad that You offer us rest in Your loving embrace.ย  Please hold us close to Your loving heart, and whisper tender reminders of Your love for us that will draw us back again and again to Your side.ย  Give us ears that hear and hearts that believe You completely.

We rejoice yet again this day in Your wonderful Presence, Lord!ย  You are truly Awesome!!


(Dear prayer partner, I finally figured out how to get all the Worship with me series in one place in the menu so that, if you would like to, you can go through systematically and pray any or all of these prayers at your convenience.ย  Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚ )


14 thoughts on “Worship with me #40

  1. Thank you Lord for the many blessings in my life, may I not overlook a single one nor take any of them for granted.
    God you are worthy of honor and praise and You are omnipresent so we never have an excuse in not putting you first. So help us to not become distracted especially this time of year where the world longs to make the Christmas season commercialized for the wrong reasons. Your Son, the true Light, is why we celebrate and may that be the brightest part of our lives so the world around us may be pointed to truth.

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  2. Amen! Lord you are great and ever merciful to us. We are truly nothing without you. We are yours forever. We belong to you and that’s the truth. We were chosen by you before time began to fulfill your purpose on the earth that you have formed, stretched out by yourself without the help of man. You don’t need any help to anything for you are God and God alone. You are unchangeable! Thank you so much for coming for us. For living for us. For dying for us. For resurrecting! And for setting us free from sin and reconciling us back to you again through your only Son Jesus โค and for also coming back to collect us in your second return that is nigh! Thank you our eternal Father! Amen.

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