Worship with me #61

Thank you, Lord, that You are such a Good God!

Thank You that You love us so much, even though we mess up so often and fall back into the same ole mud holes of sin. You are so good to pick us up again when we cry out to You and to wash us in the cleansing blood of Jesus. We don’t deserve to stand in Your Holy presence, but You so graciously clothe us in Your own holiness and invite us to dine with You. Praise be to You, our gracious Lord and King!

And Lord, too often the mud hole that we have fallen into has been that of caring more about what people think of us than what You think about us.

We get our focus off of Your love, mercy, grace, and kindness and seek the praise of people. Then we get discouraged when we are denied that praise.

Yet, You have been thinking of us all along, wishing we would come visit with You so You can remind us of what a treasure You have created us to be and how You delight in us and how You think about us all the time!

Thank You, Lord, for loving us so much!

Thank You for being willing to help us and that no problem is too large or too small for us to bring to You for help. You are never too busy with bigger problems!

You never have to tell us to take a number and get in line! You are big enough, wise enough, and strong enough to answer all of our calls at the same time and to show the same caring and compassion to all at the same time!

Thank You for these opportunities to talk with You!

In Jesus’ name,



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