Day 247- Thankful for the helpfulness of my son

My son is a young man of varied interests.  At university he is studying premed and wants to be a doctor.  At home, he likes to watch chef videos on YouTube and try out some of their delicacies in my kitchen.  He actually does very well at both, and I enjoy both the food and the fact that I sometimes help him cook instead of the other way around.  🙂

This past week his efforts in the kitchen partnered with my feeling better than I have in a long time gave me extra time and motivation to go through a mess of paperwork that has needed attention for longer than I’d like to admit.  I managed to shred over three shredders full of paperwork and filled up my recycle bin, too!  The area freed up looks SO much better, which makes me very happy!

Every day we have the choice to look at the problems of life or to think about the things for which we can be thankful.

Today, I’m thankful for my son and for his helpfulness in the kitchen. 

I’m thankful for the restaurant-quality meals that he’s cooked right here at home. 

I’m thankful for the gifts of time and motivation to conquer a problem area and for success at overcoming this clutter. 

I’m also thankful that I’ve been feeling better, for good health is a lot easier to lose than to regain.

How about you?  Are you thankful for the helpfulness of others?  If so, whose?  Are you a good cook, or do you have any good cooks in your family?  Have you ever thought of time, motivation, and success as being gifts?  Are you thankful for good health?

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25 thoughts on “Day 247- Thankful for the helpfulness of my son

  1. In our family, it’s our DIL who’s the doctor and a son who’s the amateur chef. Ordinarily we’d enjoy an evening or two a week with them–unusual and delicious meals accompanied by delightful conversation. Not this year! I’m thankful we at least have FaceTime that helps to keep us connected. And vaccinations SOON, I pray!


  2. I completely agree with you, we can choose to be thankful. I’m thankful for my family and how they help me continually .Since my health is often challenging. I’m thankful for Jesus and how He blesses me daily with life, both sustaining me each day and the gift of eternal life.

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  3. Love that he spends time in the kitchen!! The diversity in being in the kitchen and wanting to become a doctor is neat to me! Just love how vast our interests can be!!
    My son wants to be a pro soccer player one day but said he’ll be an art teacher if it doesn’t pan opposites…God creates us so uniquely and with so many ideas, it’s a beautiful thing!!

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