Day 255- Thankful for Benadryl

A couple of beautiful days ago, I was scouting the lawn for dead branches fallen from the trees we have growing there. On the far side of the pine tree I found that poison ivy had taken root. It didn’t seem too bad yet, so I donned a pair of nitrile gloves and used shopping bags to grab each plant, folding the bag around the plants and encasing said bundles in a larger trash bag.

Unfortunately, I ran into an unexpected complication. I did NOT know that poison ivy is one of those plants that sends out runners and then pops up a new plant somewhere else. So, when I would pull up a poison ivy plant, I had to keep pulling and pulling as the runner disengaged from the ground. This made it more complicated to get the plants bunched up into the shopping bags. When I turned the bags inside out with the plants inside, some bits kept trying to escape from the bags. There were several small poison ivy plants under the pine tree, most of them connected by runners.

Because of these complications, I must have slipped up in my efforts to be so careful, because I got a small patch of poison ivy on my forearm.

The good news is that it seems to be staying in one place, not swelling much, and not spreading. I’ve actually had it so bad in the past that the blisters looked like someone had poured hot oil over my forearm and I had to get steroids from the doctor. So, this is a mild case.

Last night it was starting to itch, so I went looking for my anti-itch cream. After doing a little research on google, I discovered that the active ingredient in the cream was the generic term for what I know better as Benadryl. This reminded me that I actually had a few more Benadryl capsules in the house. So, for the last 24 hours, I stopped taking my regular antihistamine and opted instead for the Benadryl + the Benadryl itch cream. It has been working great at keeping the itching down to a bare minimum!

One funny thing that neighbors who don’t know that I’ve got poison ivy may be laughing about when I’m outside is that I’m wearing long sleeves because the weather is a bit cool, but I have to keep one sleeve rolled up to keep it from aggravating the itching. Oh well, haha! 😀

Hopefully the poison ivy will go away soon. But in the meantime, I’m very glad that the itching is under control.

Today I’m thankful for Benadyrl.

I’m thankful that I only have a mild case of poison ivy.

I’m also thankful that I already had the medicine I would need here in the house.

I’m thankful that the itching is under control.

And I’m thankful for the beautiful weather that I’ve been able to enjoy!

What about you? What are you thankful for today? Is the weather where you are pleasant? Are you allergic to poison ivy?

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20 thoughts on “Day 255- Thankful for Benadryl

  1. I too am thankful for Benadryl. I keep both the cream and capsules around the house. However, I can’t take it for more than a day or two at a time, or it makes me anxious. I didn’t realize poison ivy puts out runners. That’s good to know, because we get some from time to time—either here at home or at my church. Frankly, I’m thankful to live in a place where we have plenty of green space. It’s wonderful to be out in God’s creation! I enjoyed your post. Blessings!

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    1. I know it makes some people anxious, but it makes me sleepy. I’m switching to tasks that take less awareness for a couple of days, like calling an elderly friend and going through items to donate. And that’s a good thing to get accomplished. The other tasks will be waiting for me when this is over.
      Yes, I actually had to do a little more searching on Google to verify that I wasn’t mistaken about those runners. It’s not one of the most written about topics concerning poison ivy. Next year I plan to check that same spot earlier in the year to make sure I got everything. Apparently if you don’t get all the roots, it can come back from those roots that were missed.
      Yes, it’s such a blessing to able to enjoy God’s beautiful creation!
      Thanks, and blessings to you, as well!

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  2. Sorry that the poison Ivy reached out and grabbed ya, Ruth. But glad to hear that the itching is under control, and thankful that God used it for good through your thankful post. ❤ Keep being a shining example for Him. ❤

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  3. I’m glad you had Benadryl on hand! Glad it’s a mild case!

    I hate that stuff. I got into it earlier this year. Best I can figure, one of my chickens got into it, then spread it to my arms and feet because I wasn’t in the weeds or anything. Calamine lotion works wonders too!

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    1. Yes! Me too!
      Oh no! So sorry you had to go through that!
      I was actually thinking about going out to buy some calamine lotion when I looked for and found the Benadryl. I have been avoiding poison ivy like the plague for so long but I haven’t needed to buy any. I think the calamine lotion that I had from a long time ago was VERY expired and had to be thrown away.

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      1. It’s okay, it didn’t get too bad. I’ve had worse. 😅

        Mine was several years old, but it still looked okay and smelled okay, so I went ahead and used it. 😆 After I got a bad case years ago, I keep a bottle on hand in case it happens again. 😂 Sorry yours was that expired. 🙁

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  4. Glad to read your “Thankful” posts. I’m glad you had the Benadryl at hand. I’ve been putting table salt and vinegar on poison ivy. That combination plus hot sun makes the leaves wither. I don’t think it kills the roots, but I’ve been putting salt and vinegar on what remains after the leaves wither. We have a large patch of it near the house.

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      1. I don’t mix it. I buy a container of salt and pour it on, then pour the white vinegar on it. It might work better if I did mix it, but I don’t. I came across this when I dumped some really old BBQ sauce on poison ivy (just to get rid of the sauce). The next day, the leaves from the poison ivy turned black! BBQ sauce has vinegar in it, which up ’til then I hadn’t realized.
        A caution on using the vinegar and salt: Don’t use this near any plants you want, because it will kill those plants as well. Also: salt makes the ground sterile, so that is something to consider. I don’t worry about it, because I don’t want the poison ivy to come back anyway.

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