Worship ABC’s

I need to worship God more. Every day.

But sometimes I have trouble focusing on God like I should.

Sometimes it helps me to have a tool to pull out of my mental tool belt to help me focus better.

I don’t remember where I first learned this, but a fellow blogger caused this to resurface in my mind a few weeks ago, and I started going through as many ABC’s of God’s names and characteristics as I could think of. As they came to mind, I talked to Him about each one, worshipping and thanking Him for who He is.

A – Alpha, Almighty, Able, Advocate, Awesome

B – Beginning, Beautiful, Bread of Life

C – Christ, Compassionate, Caring, Comforter, Creator

D – Deliverer, Disciplines those He loves

E – Everlasting Father, Eternal God

F – Father in Heaven, Forgiving, Friend, Fortress

G – God, and there is no other, Gracious, Good, Glorious, Guide, Great, Generous, Giver of life

H – Heavenly Father, Help in time of need, Helper, Healer, Hope, Holy

I – Immanuel (God with us), Indescribable, Interceding for me (Romans 8:27),  Incomparable, I AM

J – Jesus, Jehovah, Judge, Joyful (Psalm 16:11)

K – King of kings, King of the Universe, Kind, Kinsman Redeemer

L – Lord of lords, Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Love, Light of the world, Life

M – Master, Messiah, Merciful, Majestic, Most High God

N – Name above all names, Never leaves me nor forsakes me

O – Omega (Rev. 21:6), Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Orderly, Overcomer, Owner of all

P – Prince of Peace, our Peace (Eph. 2:14), Patient, Perfect, my Portion, Powerful, Persevering in love (1 Cor. 13:7)

Q – Quiet Rest (Zephaniah 3:17)

R – Refuge, Redeemer, Resurrection, Righteous Ruler, Reward (Gen. 15:1)

S – Savior, Sacrifice for my sin, Shepherd, Spirit, Shelter in a time of storm, Strong Tower

T – Teacher, Treasure, Triumphant, Truth

U – Unchanging, Understanding, Unfailing, Upright & Just

V – Vast, Victorious

W – Wonderful, Wise, Worthy, the Word

X – eXists, eXample (1 Peter 2:21), eXultant (Zephaniah 3:17), eXtolled, eXalted

Y – Yahweh, Yeshua

Z – Zealous (John 2:16, 17)

Some of these names and characteristics of God trigger melodies of songs as I talk to God about them, so I mentally “sing” the worship of those songs to Him as I pray.

Others are so easily paired with another word or words, that I find I must break from the alphabet for a moment and praise Him for them all!  (example: Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End)  The point is not to stick religiously to the alphabet, but to get jump-started into worshiping God.

What a joy it is to worship God, in this way, or whatever way He leads us to worship Him!

If you have thought of other ABC’s of worship, I invite you to share them in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you!   🙂

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76 thoughts on “Worship ABC’s

    1. Thanks for sharing your list with me, Trudy! I’ve been over to visit it and enjoyed it very much! God’s love is so wonderful, and I love all the verses you listed with each way that He loves us! 🙂
      Praise God for His beautiful word that tells us how amazing He is and how wonderful His love is for us!

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  1. Ruth, I love this so much. Thank you for taking the time to think through all of those and share them. I will have to print it out when I come back tomorrow. — I bet you could put a pretty little design around this and use it as a lead-magnet printable for your site! — Beautiful, Ruth, thank you! ((hug))

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    1. Thanks, Brenda! I’m happy that this touched your heart, and I pray that God will use it to help you and others to draw nearer to Him for His glory.
      I’m not sure how to do the design thing, but I think it is a good idea, and I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    1. Yes, Deb, it’s a good way to get our thoughts to line up with God’s truth, and surrender to Him brings us peace that passes understanding. He is wonderful and all the above descriptions no matter what trials are going on in our lives.
      Thanks for your sweet comment!
      May God continue to bless you richly. 🙂


  2. Worshiping God is such a beautiful way for us to show our love for Him. I have the first page in my prayer guide & journal full of such wonderful characteristics of God to help believers worship the Father. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

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  3. Love your list. I started a similar post back in December and well haven’t gotten it there yet. It’s in a draft with several hundred others.

    Thanks for sharing your ABCs.

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    1. That’s amazing that you have so much already written in draft form! I’m guessing that life got really busy, and that the drafts got put on the back burner; that happens sometimes.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Blessings to you and yours. 😊


    1. Yes, the music helps us to remember the words and keep them in order!
      Welcome to plantedbylivingwater! As you look around, you’ll find that I also have been doing a series called “Worship with me”. There’s no music to it, but the prayers are written, so you can go back to them and pray them as many times as you like! Enjoy!
      Have a blessed week! 😊

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  4. This is beautiful.
    I’ve never thought of it actually.

    Recently, I started focusing on God’s New Testament names in worship and prayer (I was so used to the Old Testament names like Jehovah shammah, Jireh, and the rest, I hardly ever called him by His New Testament names) and you’ve just given me another idea.

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    1. Thank you!
      Once when I was a child, my Sunday School teacher challenged us to find as many names of Jesus as we could in the Bible. I don’t remember how many I found, but she told us that there were over 200 different names of Jesus in the Bible, the Old and New Testaments together. May your search for His names be a fruitful and joyful one! 🙂


  5. I just saw this at the top of your blog! What a great idea!
    I love this and read it out loud to my girls (ages 10 and 12) and they both said “mom I want to copy that down!” I told them they could use this idea but could always come up with their own names, words, characteristics of God. Thanks for sharing this!


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    1. I’m glad you and the girls like it, Alicia! It won’t bother me if the girls want to copy any of the names from this list that are meaningful to them. The reason I blog is to help others in their faith walk, so if this will help your girls jumpstart a deeper relationship with God, that would be a joy for me to know that this has helped them! Of course they can still add others to their lists as the Lord teaches them about Himself along the way!

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        1. Yes, ma’am, I will! In Christ you will win, for He has triumphed over the enemy! I come with you against the enemy in the name of Jesus. We are weak, but God is strong, and He has given us the authority of the Name of Jesus and the authority of wielding His Word as a sword. Do you have your “dagger list” (as Priscilla Shirer calls it) written out for the mental struggles that you are facing?

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            1. So, you know how Ephesians 6 talks about using the Sword of the Spirit? The idea of a dagger is having short verses instead of long ones so you can remember them and use them in spiritual battle. (Jesus used some like these in His temptation in the wilderness). So, you know what your personal attacks have been about. Find the short verses where God speaks to that struggle, and make your list. Like if you struggle with fear, you could say, “It is written, Fear not for I am with you!” For discouragement, you could say, “It is written, Be not dismayed for I am thy God.” (Isaiah 41:10) For self-pity, you could say, “It is written, the disciple is not above his master,” (Matthew 10:24) and so on. You stand on the word of God like Jesus did!

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            2. Yes, I know the scripture well. Yes, I do have a dagger list, but in my mind I sort of have it there, but you see the thing is I don’t use it the way I’m supposed to. Well I think I’m not fighting back enough if you comprehend what I mean! But I’m gonna take what you told me into consideration, I’m gonna write it down and find those scriptures. I’m still pretty young in reading and understanding the Bible so I believe my sword is still being sharpen.

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            3. May the Lord help you become more skilled in the handling of your Sword. May He help us to be more faithful in using it. May He help us be more aware when the enemy is fighting against us. His word rightly spoken in faith will send the enemy packing. When you find new verses to use in this battle, you could write them on note cards and put them on your mirror or fridge, or make it your phone wallpaper, whatever will help you see it often until you have learned it thoroughly.
              Another thing I often do is name the enemy, like, I might say in faith, “I bind the spirit of discouragement in the name of Jesus. Lord please bind that spirit in the heavenlies and send it away, in Jesus’ name.” I very rarely have to say it more than once. Sometimes I might name more than one spirit and do the same thing for each one when the battle is intense. Every single one has to flee at the name of Jesus!
              I’ll be praying for you, sister. ❤

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            4. Amen and Amen in Jesus Mighty Name! Thank my sister! I really appreciate it! I’m still a baby in this race, I’ve only been born again two years now and believe me I do the same as well when I binding those dirty spirits. I name as well! I believe I’m going through spiritual training too as well! I’ve already won in Jesus Name! I need to be still and allow God to fight for me! Thank you so much again! Blessings! ❤


            5. No problem!
              Praise the Lord for bringing you into His family and for all the progress He has helped you make thus far!
              Yes! Be still and let the LORD fight for you! The sword He has given you will find its mark! He will make sure of that for you! Stand in faith on the word of God and abide close to Him! Keep on learning His word. And, may you be still and see the salvation of the LORD! In Jesus’ name!


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