Saying “Yes, Lord” to Healthy Eating

A few months ago, after indulging in some pretty pathetic eating habits over the the last few years, I finally yielded to God’s leading to go on a diet.

I’m doing it for Him, but I am benefiting from it as well.

I normally stick with a more devotional approach on this blog, but today I would like to share with you some information that the Lord put across my path to finally get my attention and get me going down the path to better health, with the ultimate goal of being better able to serve Him and to bring Him glory.

It occurred to me that if I didn’t get my health under control, I would eventually need to be served instead of still being able to serve God and others.  I would hate that.  So, when the Lord put this information across my path, I knew it was time, and I said, “Yes, Lord.”

I am not in any way being compensated for this information. I just want to put it out there for any of you who may be struggling with weight and associated health issues.

I was fortunate to be able to watch a lot of this information on a few videos, but it seems they are no longer available. However, the book is available, and it contains the information you will need to get started if this is something that God is leading you to do.

So, here’s the name of the book:

Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free

By Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph D.

You can get it on Amazon in both hardback and Kindle editions. I would imagine you can get it elsewhere, as well, but I got it on Amazon, and that was that.

This is not a Christian book, though the author appears to believe in God and sometimes mentions God and prayer.

My mind zeroed in on the scientific research that she talked about, and it made sense to me.

So, I’ve been on this diet for about 4 months. I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks, and another 10 pounds more slowly since then. I’m still losing weight slowly, and my doctor says that’s the best way to lose it.

The one thing that I’ve had to watch out for, in this diet for God’s glory, is my tendency to focus on the diet instead of on Him.  But, as always, He is wonderfully merciful and gracious when I fail Him, and He keeps on drawing me back to Himself.

On a slightly different note, the same blogger that had the link for this diet that is working so well for me sent out an email offering some other videos that interest me.

These also deal with diet, but not for the purpose of losing weight but for cancer prevention and healing.

This author was diagnosed with cancer at age 26. They did surgery, and when they were done, they told him it was worse than they had thought. He had stage 3 colon cancer.

He really did not want to do chemo.

By the Lord’s grace, after much research, he was able to beat all the odds using diet instead of chemo. He has been cancer free for 13 years!

I share the following links with you, not so I can be compensated, but so someone out there may have a better chance to live and be healthy by watching these videos.

Here is the link, in case any of you are interested:

Also, here are his YouTube and website addresses:   and

May the Lord bless you all with good health so that you, also, may serve Him more effectively.

Hugs and smiles to you all.

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