Worship with me #7

Hello! Welcome to week seven of Worship with me!

One of my greatest joys in life is the opportunity to approach the throne of God together with others  to worship the Lord! There have been times where we have entered a time of prayer, frazzled by our overwhelmingly impossible problems, but as we worshipped God together, a sense of peace settled over us, and we knew that we would be okay, because we have a great God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly, above anything we can ask or think!

So, please, take a minute to bow with me in worship, and cast your burdens on Him who loves you! Feel free to add your own words of worship in the comment section below!

Father in Heaven,

Sometimes it really seems like life is swirling around us too fast, and we can’t keep up. We get caught up in the whirlwind of activity, and our thoughts become scattered and unfocused. Lies we had believed come back like tornado-driven splinters to our soul, and the hurts of yesteryear resurface from their hiding places.

We thank You, Lord, that at the end of the storm is the calm. Thank You that, even though we may have suffered loss because of the storm, You remind us that You were there with us through it all, and You will be with us to help clean up the mess.

As we enter the calm, You remind us that You saw us as we lost our bearings.

You heard our voice when we cried.

Lord, thank You that You put a healing balm on our hurting hearts.

You surrounded us with Your protection from the storm, from the wind, from the evil lurking in the shadows.

And You brought us back to this place of rest before You, reminding us to be still and know that You are God, and we are  not, never could be, and never will be.

You are amazing, Lord!

In the calm after the storm, I breathe deeply of You, of Your Spirit. I come close to You to rest in your strong arms.

I’m thankful that You are so kind, gracious, and full of mercy!

Thank You for seeking out a relationship with me!

How can it be, that the Everlasting God, the Lord of all would want to welcome me? How wonderful You are, God!

Jesus, thank You for making the way, indeed, for being the way, for me to come to the Father. Thank You for giving me of Your righteousness, for cleansing me and making me fit, through your blood sacrifice, to enter the throne room of God.

How wonderful you are, Lord!

“Thank You,” doesn’t seem to be enough to express how glad I am for Your giving me the gift of Yourself.

You are so good, Lord!



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12 thoughts on “Worship with me #7

  1. Thank you Lord for the breath that you give me.
    Thank you for the sight that you have placed in my incredible eyes so I can enjoy your beautiful creation.
    Thank you for ears to hear the sounds of this beautiful world you have placed me in.
    I praise you and lift my hands in worship before your throne
    You are incredible, Lord!

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  2. Today, Lord, I want to thank You for my family and friends and also for my enemies. I want to thank You for working in me so my outside (mannerisms, words etc.) can reflect You. You are wonderful, O Lord, and I am happy to call you my Father.

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  3. Thank you Lord that your truth is such a secure foundation for us! Thank you for being my safe place in the midst of the chaos and lies that this world utters. I praise you Father for sending us the gift of your Holy Spirit to speak the words of Jesus so deeply into our souls!

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    1. Yes, Lord! I praise You that You are always with us, faithful to keep your word, faithful in Your love for us. Please fill us with Your Holy Spirit and keep helping us to see things, more and more, from Your perfect point of view. Your wisdom is flawless, impeccable, full of Your goodness! I bless Your name, O Lord!

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  4. Oh Lord as I come before today Lord, forgive me of all my sins. Lord forgive me for the times where I lack to give you the praise that is due unto you Lord Jesus! Make me wiser and stronger and continue to work on me Mighty Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords! There’s none like you and thank you for loving me endlessly! All the honor and glory be unto your Name forever and always! Amen! 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Yes, Lord, there is none like You, perfect in holiness, perfect in wisdom, perfect in love, perfect in friendship, perfect in faithfulness, perfect in every way! Praise You, Lord! You are my Strong Tower, and I run to You for protection. Thank You for being my shelter in the time of storm!

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