The Simple-minded Songbird

He doesn’t know that he could drop song for worry.
He doesn’t know that he could drop peace for hurry.
He doesn’t know he could stop trusting You with his life.
He doesn’t consider giving up joy for strife.

He doesn’t know that heavy burdens he could carry,
For he knows that in God’s care He does tarry.
He doesn’t know he could worry to his own hurt,
Instead with a strong belt of trust he is girt.

Is he really simple minded? Or is he wise?
Many times wiser than us though much less our size.

Lord, I would be a songbird today,
Trusting Your love in every way.
Dropping my worries for Your song,
Coming to You when something is wrong.

I would leave my burdens with You
And tarry in Your love anew.
In Your peace I would abide
For You are always by my side.

With thankfulness now I will sing
To Him who is my Lord and King.
Thanks, Lord, for the songbird lesson!
May we Your love no longer question!


Songbird unsplash
Photo by Owen Yin on Unsplash

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