Worship with me #60

Good morning, Lord! Today I want to thank You for another safe trip, for sunshine with comfortable temperatures, and for letting us know about the detour around the segment of the highway that was super-delayed due to an accident. I pray for those who were in the accident that you will bring them healing and provide for their needs.

And Lord, I thank You that You are everywhere, that You truly are the “God of the hills and valleys” and of the plains and shorelines and everywhere else! πŸ™Œ

I praise You for being with us always, no matter how we feel! You are always with us just as You promised! Your Presence is more than enough to fill us and comfort us in the losses we face. You are steadfast and unchanging even when things around us change in ways that are difficult for us to accept.

Thank You for Your steadfast love for us!

Thank You for the comfort of Your precious Word! Help us to spend more time in it getting to in know You better.

Thank You that You already know us intimately because You love us and care for us and have been watching over us for our whole lives. You know the joys we have experienced, for You experienced them with us!Β  You also know the evil that people chose to say or do against us and the brokenness that it caused. Thank You that You understand the pain, for You also were “oppressed and afflicted” to the point of being “cut off out of the land of the living for the transgression of (Your) people, to whom the stroke was due.”(Isaiah 53:7,8)

Thank You that You are able to heal our brokenness and also to use our experiences to compassionately bring help to others who are hurting.

I rest in Your perfect, constant love this morning, Lord, Your love that never fails. Your love makes me glad!

We praise You, Lord!

In Jesus’ name,



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