Day 27 – Thankful for birdwatching

My husband set up a bird feeder right outside our kitchen window. During the summer time he doesn’t put food in it very often because there is so much abundance in nature around us. But now that the weather is getting colder, he put food in it once again.

I find it so beautiful and amazing to watch the different birds from so close up! There they are, maybe a meter away, not realizing that I’m there observing them from so close up!

I watch as

  • the regal red cardinal with his black mask,
  • the little, black-capped chickadee,
  • the little American goldfinch, whose bright yellow summer coat has molted to more drab, but safer colors for winter,
  • the long, black-capped, blue-gray nuthatch

all swoop up and grab something to eat.

I love watching them! They are beautiful, intricately made, and just so interesting!

And then I remember what Jesus said,

26Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns—and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26  (Berean Study Bible)

Let’s let this realization sink in as we say this together, shall we?

  • If the birds are beautiful to me, I am more beautiful to God.
  • If the birds are intricately made, so am I!
  • If the birds are interesting to me, then God is interested in me!
  • If God feeds the birds, He will also provide my needs!
  • I am valuable to God!

So, today I am thankful for the privilege of birdwatching, of the beauty of each visitor (both bird and you, blog reader 😊), and of the lessons God teaches us through such small, often ignored creatures!

What about you? Have you ever taken up birdwatching? Are you amazed at the beautiful intricacies of God’s little creatures? How can you become more aware of the beauty around you?

Photo credit:  me

20 thoughts on “Day 27 – Thankful for birdwatching

  1. We love watching the Hummingbirds that come to our feeders on our patio. We watch them while we eat and we never tire of seeing them. They flit around while we sit on our patio, too. They’re very fascinating! Thanks for reminding us of how much God loves us, even more than His beautiful birds.

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  2. My husband put up multiple bird feeders in our side yard, outside the window where my recliner is. It was wonderful all spring and summer looking at all of the different birds. My favorites were the cardinals and the hummingbirds. No birds now bc they have gone south, I guess.

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    1. Yes, the hummingbirds go south to warmer climates. But where I live, the cardinals stick around all winter, even in the freezing cold and snow. The bird feeders then become the only places where the birds are able to find food. I have noticed that the cardinals do prefer feeding on the ground, but they will go up on the feeders, too, when they can’t find food on the ground.

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            1. I will try dusk, but there is a new dog that hangs around. Our county does not have a leash law, unfortunately, and the neighbor’s dog keeps coming to our house. He even destroyed my new bathing suit that I had hanging outside to dry.

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    1. Yes, me too!
      I love their summer colors! The yellow is so bright and cheery! 🙂
      Yes, it is such a blessing to be able to just take a few moments of silence and watch these creatures that God takes care of whether we put out food or not. When we put out food, though, it invites them to come up closer so we can see them and enjoy them.

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