Day 19 – Thankful for the Truth

Sometimes hearing the truth is an occasion for rejoicing, but sometimes it is a source of embarrassment.

I don’t like it when someone uses the truth (or what they perceive to be truth) as a weapon to hurt me. Do you?

But I am thankful anyway for the truth, especially coming from wise counselors and from God’s word.

Knowing the good and the bad of the truth together is the best. In other words, there is a problem, but there is also a solution.

I remember my daughter climbing the stairs in the morning when she was 3 years old and climbing into my lap. “Oo, Mommy! You have bad breath!” 😜 That was the truth with an easy solution.

Then there are times when I gain back the weight I had lost. The solution is harder, but not impossible. Time to be more careful what and how much I put in my mouth. If I refuse to acknowledge the truth of the weight gain, I will not be likely to try to seek the truth of how to lose it again.

Then, more importantly, there’s the truth of the human condition. God says we are all sinners. It’s a truth some find too difficult to acknowledge. But many of those who do acknowledge it try harder to be good in order to please God, but they find it impossible to be as good as they really would like to be.

The good news is that God gave us the solution by becoming the solution for us!

The truth is that God had a perfect plan, and the Father and Son were in agreement over it. The Father punished His perfect Son for our sin, Jesus going willingly to the cross to die in our place. He offers us salvation from our sin as a free gift. Each person must believe it and accept the gift for him/herself.

I’m so thankful for these truths (especially the solution part!) 😊

What about you? Are you thankful for the bad and good of the truth? Are you willing to accept that you have a problem in order to be able to seek a solution? Have you accepted by faith God’s free gift of salvation through Christ?


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