Heaven Poem – Day 45

More friends are dying,
And we’re why-oh-whying,
In Heaven they’re HI!-ing,
So glad to see each other again!

Why are we crying,
Continually trying
To keep them from flying
To more beauty than we’ve ever seen?

Up there no more sighing,
No more aye-aye-aying,
No more me-oh-mying,
Reuniting with gone-before kin!

No more they’re good-bying,
No more I-I-Iing,
To the Lord they’re draw-nighing,
No more curse of sin!

For time no more vying,
Gravity defying,
With Jesus up-highing,
At last they see their forever Friend!

Their tears He is drying,
So, there’s no denying
Their joy we are eyeing.
We let them go and they fin’lly win!

©Ruth @ plantedbylivingwater

Today I’m thankful for heaven, that Jesus made the way for us to go there, and that one day God’s children will be reunited and see Jesus face to face!


Photo credit me, using Bible Lens


3 thoughts on “Heaven Poem – Day 45

  1. I get more enamored with heaven the more I think about it, read about it, hear from Kat Kerr, Kevin Zadai and others who have experienced and come back to share. Just read your info and sounds like you’re a lot like me🤗 thanks for joining my blog readership as I share musings along my journey 😊

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