Day 46 – Thankful for leaves

The last couple of days my husband, our daughter, and I have been doing a lot of leaf cleanup. It’s another one of those jobs, like I mentioned a few days ago, where it looks so nice when it’s all done!

It can be a very tiring job if one has lots of trees, and I admit that there have been times in the past where I groaned inwardly at the prospect of all that raking! I needed an attitude adjustment.

Because, here’s the thing, back in the summertime, when it was so hot outside, I sure was glad for the shade!

A tree that has lots of leaves changes the microclimate around it! It cools and shades and gives shelter to birds and other critters!

With winter coming on, we don’t need all that shade anymore! We will soon be very happy for every bit of sunshine that we can get!

So, the leaves come down! And, depending where we live, we may be the ones who get to decide what to do with them: leave them on the ground, rake them, mulch them, blow them, burn them, pay yard waste to come collect them, or till them under to enrich the soil of an organic garden.

Today I’m thankful for leaves, for their job-well-done each year, giving us shade and helping keep the trees alive by photosynthesis. I’m thankful for the beautiful colors some of them turn before they fall!

Leaves are a gift from God, and I’m thankful that He knew what He was doing when He created them!

I choose gratitude!
What about you? Are you thankful for leaves, for the shade they provide in hot weather, and for the process of photosynthesis that helps keep the trees alive? Do you get to enjoy the beautiful colors they change in the Fall? Do you choose gratitude over grumbling?


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