Day 87 – Lessons from Hide and seek – God wants us to find Him!!

When my granddaughter was here last weekend, we played hide and seek.ย  She is 5 and little.

I’m, um, not 5 and big. ๐Ÿ˜

My daughter-in-love was helping her hide, but with all my years of experience, I still managed to find her every time.

At one point I hid by the side of my wardrobe behind a long, formal dress that I have hanging there. I’m sure the bottom of my legs had to have been showing even as I tried to blend in with my surroundings.

But, even though it was daytime, the room was kind of dark. She walked right past me twice and never saw me. My daughter-in-love saw me but did not tell her where I was.

I hid there a second time, and she still could not find me until I finally called out, “Hey, I’m dyin’ in here!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

Then she found me because she heard my voice.

This made me think about how we sometimes can’t find God. He’s really old (lots older than me! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and really big and has left all kinds of clues around, but we don’t look in the right places, and sometimes we can’t see because we’re in the dark.

Sometimes other people who have found Him need to tell us where He is.

“He (John the Baptist) came as a witness, to testify about the Light, so that all might believe through him.”ย  John 1:7

“Let your light so shine before people that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”ย  Matthew 5:16

But even if they don’t, He is able and willing to speak up and help us find Him if we are really looking for Him.ย 

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.ย  I will be found by you,โ€™ declares the Lord…”ย  Jeremiah 29:13 NASB

Those who are not looking for Him, who continue walking in the darkness, might walk by Him a thousand times and never even notice Him. Are you looking for Him today?

“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.”ย  Psalm 119:105

I want to do a better job walking in the light and finding God, don’t you?

Today I am thankful that God has given us His word so that we can find Him!

What about you?ย  Are you thankful that God wants us to seek and find Him?ย  Are you seeking Him?ย  Are you thankful that He has given us His word? Are you helping show Him to others by your love?

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(See also:ย  Genesis 35:7, 1 Samuel 3:21)



27 thoughts on “Day 87 – Lessons from Hide and seek – God wants us to find Him!!

  1. Beautiful analogy. I hope I am helping him get found. Earlier today I had along, 2+ hours conversation with the doc i’m working with about God and what his thoughts were while sharing my experiences. At one point he had tears in his eyes. Here’s hoping I gave him food for thought.

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    1. Thank you, Pene! Praising God with you for His orchestrating this time to be able to share with your coworker! Joining you in prayer that God will use something about the experiences you shared to help him find God for himself! May these seeds that you’ve planted bear much fruit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Thought-provoking. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s true God lives in us as the Holy Spirit but it’s easier to connect with Him when we walk in obedience. And to try to not “quench the Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:19 NIV). Also I am happy others can reveal to us the ways of the Father. God bless you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes, when we disobey, we grieve and quench His spirit. He doesn’t force His love on us. It sounds kind of funny even to say that, but sometimes we don’t understand His love to BE love, so we reject His offers of kindness. It’s like we’d rather sit in a dark closet with our arms crossed in defiance than to surrender to Him and soar on wings as an eagle and have beautiful communion with Him.
      Praise God for continuing to call us to Himself and show us His love till we finally understand! Yes, praise Him for revealing Himself to us in whatever way it takes!
      Thank you, and God bless you a lot in this new year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes, I agree with all of those statements. ๐Ÿ™‚ If we were only to surrender to Him, as you so beautifully said, it would be so much easier to know His will for our lives and have more joy. Thank you very much! Happy new year! ๐ŸŽ†

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  3. I’m thankful that the Lord is always very close, even inside me. My goal is to become more aware of his presence, he’s at my side, behind me, in front of me, his hand of blessing on my head (Psalm 139) how can I be so oblivious most of the time? Holy Spirit, help!

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    1. Yes, amen! And, that’s a wonderful goal! Amazing thought that His hand of blessing is on our head!
      We need to focus, I think; it takes daily effort to seek. It takes turning on the light through His word and then making an effort to walk in the light we’ve been given for that day.

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