Day 213- Thankful that God sees us and wants us to find Him

Does it ever seem that things are moving around you at a dizzying rate and you can’t even get your bearings?

Do you feel you’re enveloped in darkness, and you don’t even know where God is, so how could you focus on Him or find Him?

Whatever we wish to attain, we must aim for it. If we wish to attain the knowledge of God, we must set our sights on God.  If we want to find God, we must listen to His words and walk toward Him.

Perhaps you wonder how it’s even possible to do that.

Have you ever tried to hit a piñata blindfolded after being turned in circles till you’re dizzy? Then someone purposely jerks the rope that the piñata is hanging on to make it more difficult for you to find and hit it. You swing wildly but miss.


That is NOT how it is with finding God, even though it may feel like it sometimes.

God wants you to seek and find Him!

Notice with the piñata lesson, the piñata is there; you just can see it. But if you stop and stand still to get your bearings long enough for the dizziness to go away, and raise the stick in the air searching slowly and carefully with it until it makes contact with the piñata, and if no one jerks on the rope, it is possible to find the piñata.

Unlike that relatively small piñata, God is everywhere, and He wants you to find Him!

He will never jerk you around to try to trick you.

He will never deceive you, for He is the truth!

Check out Psalm 139 here.

This same God, who knows you intimately and sees you no matter where you are, wants you to know Him, too!

Jehovah, the Eternal God who is everywhere, has examined you and knows you intimately!

Jehovah, who holds the galaxies in His hands, cares to notice when you sit down, get up, and even when you think a thought. Wow!

He surrounds you with His protective care whether you’re walking somewhere or sleeping. There’s nothing about your ways that He’s not noticed.

There’s nowhere you can go where He will not be with you, even to an undiscovered island in the middle of the sea or in an airplane that is but a speck in the sky. 

He does all this because of His great love for you!

No matter how small or invisible you may feel, He sees you and loves you!!!

Out of all the people in your life who have said they love you, are there any that love you as intimately as this?  His love is better than that of the most loving parent in the world, better than your idea of your true love.

Finding Him is the best thing that can ever happen to you!

Finding Him is finding true love, peace, and joy!

Won’t you seek Him today?

If you don’t know where to start, click this link Psalm 139 and read and talk to God in your heart about what you read there.  From that page, you can search John 3 in the Bible Hub search box and read the whole book of John and many more books and verses of the Bible.

Happy searching!!

Today I’m thankful that God searches me and knows me intimately. 

I’m thankful that He surrounds me with His loving care and protection. 

I’m thankful that He sees me no matter where I am, no matter how small or invisible I may feel.

How about you?  Have you been having trouble having faith that God is nearby or that He really cares about you or the world around you?  Is it possible that something has blindfolded your heart and set you on a dizzying course with confusion?  Would you be willing to read the above verses and study what the Bible says about His love for you?

Photo credit:  Victor Ballesteros on Unsplash


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