Day 121 – Thankful for well-maintained roads

This time of year, where I live, we have had our share of freezing precipitation, and the highway department has spread chemicals on the roads as they deemed them to be necessary to keep people from having accidents. This causes damage to the roads.

About this time, certain roads have already developed quite a number of potholes. One road in particular is on a hill and apparently gets more chemicals than most. It also gets more potholes than most.

It’s ironic how we tend not to appreciate what we have until we don’t have it anymore. But trying to dodge potholes somewhat unsuccessfully got me thinking about how glad I am for all the roads that are smooth.

Today I am thankful for the smooth roads and for the workers who will eventually be able to come out and fill the potholes in the ones that are not smooth.

God has blessed us, and I’m so glad!

This is the one who was mentioned by the prophet Isaiah when he said, “The voice of one shouting in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the road for the Lord, Make His highways straight (level, direct)!’” Matt.3:3 AMP

What about you? Are the roads where you live well-maintained? Are you grateful for the workers who repair them? Or do you grumble because they are in your way and slow down your progress? (Unfortunately I’ve been guilty of that. 😢 But the alternative is for the roads to get worse and worse till they are impassable.) Are you thankful for good roads?


9 thoughts on “Day 121 – Thankful for well-maintained roads

  1. I am thankful for good roads! Here we don’t get a lot of winter precipitation, but there are natural springs under the roads we take to get to our house and it always causes potholes and sometimes washes our road out. There were a few times when we got all ready to go to town (a weekly or biweekly thing at the time) and we would have to come back home and wait for the water to go down because it was impassable. 😅 The county finally put in a bigger drainage pipe thing so most of the water goes under the road now and I’m thankful for that!

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