Strength of Surrender

What a beautiful picture of how tenderly God loves His children! Please visit Hattush’s blog to read her beautiful, touching experience.

Daughter of the Light

My sugar glider Dreamer is very sick and in the vet hospital. I don’t know exactly what caused her problems. I do know, however, that in this experience God is teaching me to trust him. To surrender to him.

A few weeks ago Dreamer once again started struggling with constipation. I didn’t think much of it because this has been a problem on and off for almost two years now. I gave her some orange and some pumpkin and hoped that it would clear her up like normal.

It didn’t. Instead, things got a lot worse. A lot worse.

I swallowed my terror of speaking to people on the phone and called fourteen different vets. It was the week for them to be booked up apparently because out of all of those vets, no one could see her this week.

We decided to take her to an ER vet as…

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4 thoughts on “Strength of Surrender

    1. Yes, Brenda. Like the newly-freed children of Israel in the wilderness, we sometimes get stuck in the fear and trembling, a place where we only hear the thunder and lightening and miss the offer of loving, everlasting covenant that our Sovereign Lord offers to His children who repent, putting their confidence in His gracious gift of salvation. (Under the new covenant, this is paid for by Jesus, the Lamb of God.)

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