Day 108 – Thankful God is good, even when we have pain and difficulties

A few days ago, my new friend and I decided that we would go to the gym on Monday morning.  So, Sunday night I set my alarm to get up in time to go meet my friend at the time that we had agreed upon.

I dragged myself out of bed Monday morning, and I let my daughter drive us to the gym.  But by the time we got there, my daughter had a bad headache and said that it felt like someone was stabbing her head with a cement shard.

I didn’t immediately know what to do with that information. What does that mean, exactly? I feel like I need to take some kind of training, but it seems I must learn as I go along.  I let my daughter get the sleep she needed while I worked out with my friend and processed what my daughter had told me.

It was good to get some exercise and have a little caring conversation together.  Both of us are having our struggles, and sometimes it’s just good to know that someone cares.

It turns out that we had a beautiful day, warm enough to shed the jacket! The sun came out for a while, which was really nice!  When I got home, I had my daughter just go sit out in the sunshine for several minutes with the dog.


We think that it was during those beautiful, peaceful moments that her headache started getting better.

I still called the pain clinic to let them know and see what they want us to do.  I admit that it concerned me quite a bit.  This is not the first time she’s had one of these headaches, but I think it’s the first time she described the pain so poignantly. It probably doesn’t surprise those of you who read a lot of my posts when I say that I am a very visual learner.  If I can picture it, then I’m better able to understand.

The Lord knows that.  So, in His perfect time, He gave me a picture.

I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but my hope is in the Lord.  He knows what He’s doing.  As I was out driving this afternoon, I was aware of His presence.  I was yielding to Him about whatever He has in mind, for I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is good!

Today, I’m thankful that God is good, even when we have pain and difficulties.

I’m thankful that he gives us friends and family and that He is the Best Friend and Best Father ever! 

I’m thankful that He is always with us, that He comforts us and leads us and guides us! 

I’m thankful that He has all the answers even though He does not tell them to us while we’re taking the test.  I guess it wouldn’t be a fair test if He gave us the answers while we’re taking it, would it?

What about you? What is your preferred way to learn?  Are you a visual learner?  Do you ask God to show you the good that is happening simultaneously with the difficulties of life?  Are you thankful that God is good even when life seems difficult?


14 thoughts on “Day 108 – Thankful God is good, even when we have pain and difficulties

  1. I am definitely a visual learner. I learn best if I am doing something new to have someone show me how to do it and then watch me as I go through the steps. We just bought a new dryer and the new one has a definite learning curve. My daughter who has the same dryer sent me a video of how to set it. When I tried to follow the written directions provided by the manufacturer, the dryer would run for about ten minutes and then cut off. It did this repeatedly until I finally named it Adam Schiff because it was being so annoying. I’m thankful that my daughter knows that I have to see things to do them!

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  2. Something in me is always so encouraged when I hear testimonies of people resting in the fact that God is good, even when hard things are happening. I’ve had moments of such intense emotional pain that the only thing that kept me going was knowing, deep in my bones, that God is good and none of my suffering is in vain in the Lord. He is SO good!!! Thanks so much for this reminder, Ruth!

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    1. I’m so glad this helped you, Olivia! I had such an inner struggle about publishing it and stayed up late last night reworking it and second guessing myself. But if God used it to encourage you, sweet sister, then it was worth it!
      I’m so glad that you also have this hope of God’s goodness! He has such a different perspective than we do, being so much higher and all!
      You’re welcome, Olivia! 😊

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      1. Ah, I’m reminded of Isaiah 55, a favorite passage of mine! The middle verses are the ones that say that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways, because His are so much higher. It’s always such a boost to my own soul when I remember how exalted His ways and His thoughts are – and that because of the cross, those ways and those thoughts are all in my favor! His goodness abounds!

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